Church News 07.11.24

Church News includes a blood drive and a lakeside worship service.

Church News 06.29.24

Church news includes Sunday school and message series.

Locke Says Destruction Comes When God Is Not Honored

Belshazzar ruled the world of that day from Babylon. But his kingdom was coming to an end (539 B.C.).

Church News 06.13.24

Church news includes summer message series and worship services.

Church News 05.23.24

Church News includes letters in revelation and Sunday school.

Locke Sees Hatred In Recent Protests, Says There’s No Room For Hatred

Hatred. It seems to be oozing out in some places in America.

Church News 05.16.24

Church news includes Bible study and a blood drive.

Burket Bible To Sponsor Nelson’s Chicken, Pork Chop BBQ Friday

BURKET – Burket Bible Church, 102 Market St., Burket, welcomes everyone to its services.

Church News 04.18.24

Church news includes Sunday school, worship and a supper.

Church News 04.11.24

Church news includes Sunday school, an all-you-can-eat breakfast and a community meal.

Church News 03.28.24

Church news includes Holy Week services.

Easter Is The Season Of Hope; Jesus Willingly Went To The Cross

Standing at the graves of loved ones always brings many emotions. How I miss my parents and grandparents as I read their names on the bronze plaques.

Church News 03.21.24

Church news includes services for Holy Week and Easter egg hunts.

Church News 03.14.23

Church news for the area includes an open house and worship services.

Church News 11.16.23

Church news for this week includes a community meal and bazaar.