Can Connor Cover? Try To Stay Calm, The Storm Is Coming

As we wrap up the last week of September, I can’t help but think of it as the calm before the storm.

The Penalty Box: Irish, Bucs Came Down To “One”

This column is painful to write.

Chip Shots: Incompetence Is Not A Curse

Friends and family in Northeastern Ohio are starting to sing the chorus of “the Cleveland Browns are cursed.”

Can Connor Cover? Sometimes, All You Need Is One Big Win

It’s crazy what one win can do for your mental state.

The Penalty Box: Of Notre Dame, Local Football And Disc Golf

I had every intention of writing about the Notre Dame Football game I took my son to on Saturday, but there were other things that needed mentioning, so I am giving you a multi-subject offering this week.

Can Connor Cover? I Love Football, But Football Seems To Hate Me

It only took me until about 6 p.m. on the first NFL Sunday of the season to say the words “I hate football.”

The Penalty Box: Sports Heroes Are Not Real Heroes

When you are in the “word” business, be it written or spoken, words are the tools of your trade.

Indiana’s PathWays For Aging Program Is A New Statewide Initiative

When beginning new life chapters, it is important to remember the journey.

Chip Shots: Finding Out

There’s a phrase we hear a lot when the news channels cover numerous high profile legal stories these days, and it’s also been said in sports, in classrooms, or even when kids clash in their neighborhoods.

Can Connor Cover? The Magic Of Movies And The Magic Of Football

Howdy, everyone. As you could probably gather from the title, I am once again taking a little time each week to talk about one of my favorite things in the world: the NFL.

The Penalty Box: Of The White Sox, Sam Hartman And Other Things

Last week I wrote about the White Sox, and how badly the end of the Williams-Hahn Era had gone, and ended.

Chip Shots: Finally, Time For Some Noise At Fisher Field

This morning begins with birthday wishes to my daughter, Ellen, who took 24 hours to deliver, but once she arrived it almost immediately felt like she’d always been with us.

Warsaw Continues To Grow Because Of Planning And The Work Of Many

Recently, I was asked to write about how our city has grown over the years and what kind of vision I can project into the future.

Progressing With Purpose: Local Leaders Share Community Highlights With RDA

Telling Our Story Our community has stories to tell. As the Orthopedic Capital of the World®, with global-leading agribusinesses, and with a thriving recreational industry complementing our vast landscape of 100+ lakes throughout the county, we play a unique part in feeding, healing and restoring the world.

The Penalty Box: The White Sox Are Starting Over Again

The Chicago White Sox are starting over again. Sox fans have heard that before, but this time will be very different than the last few times.