Chip Shots: The Slowest Week Of Sports

I comment about this July week in sports each year: Major League Baseball All-Star break, Home Run Derby, the All-Star game itself, the ESPY awards (ESPN’s sports-related award show with huge names on the red carpet, pre-show) … and nothing else really happening.

Follow The Three Most Important Topics In Financial Planning

In times like these, when there is uncertainty in the economy, prospective clients want to know what the most important steps are to reaching financial independence.

The Penalty Box: Cubs Fans, Prepare For Pain

It is July, and like so many months of July before, this one will end with pain for fans of the Chicago Cubs.

Chip Shots: Asking For A Friend

Does a baseball movie watched from start to finish count as watching baseball from beginning to end? Asking for a friend.

The Penalty Box: What Does “Free” Really Mean

For most of you, you are reading this on July 3. It’s the eve of the 248th birthday of the United State of America.

Chip Shots: Middle Schoolers Must Clear The Redshirt Hurdle

Let’s talk about football redshirts.

The Penalty Box: Gambling

I am not a man to brag, nor am I one to scream to the world “I told you so.”

The Penalty Box: Things That Are Broken, Part 3

This is the final episode of my three-part series on things in sports that are broken and desperately need fixing. I repeat what I said at the beginning—this is not an all-inclusive list. There are many more things that I didn’t have time and space to put in here.

Chip Shots: Look What I Found

Two Saturdays ago, something said to me in passing triggered a memory of some wisdom passed on to me during the football preseason of 2018 resulting in an “a-ha!” moment.

Potentially Improve Your Retirement Planning With These Tips

“What should I be doing to save for retirement?” The first step is to start contributing to your retirement plan, either through your employer or through you own private plan.

Summertime And The City Continues Addressing Ongoing Issues

Welcome to summer 2024!

Chautauqua Has Fun Events With Dogs & Patriotism Coming In June

Syracuse’s Chautauqua organization has both fun with dogs and fun with patriotism planned with two free programs in June.

The Penalty Box: Things That Are Broken, Part Two

This is the second in a three-part series on things in sports that need to be changed, updated or significantly improved.

Chip Shots: Here Comes Apathy Season

Sportswriters and Sports section opinion columnists who love all sports are rarer than you think. They’re handy because they can maintain an enthusiastic level of opinions as their readers navigate the seasons, and almost everyone is happy.

The Penalty Box: Things That Are Broken, Part 1

As promised, I am taking a few weeks this summer to address some sports-related things that are broken and in need of immediate attention for those who can make those changes happen.