Chip Shots: It’s Not Really Saturday

I prepared a feature on Tiger football alum and current Indiana Wesleyan University right tackle Isaiah Courtois, and realized I noted he was getting ready for “today’s” game versus the University St. Francis.

Save The Tree

Editor, Times-Union: You know I love the flap over a 275-year-old Sycamore tree. Leave it alone!

Save The Sycamore

Editor, Times-Union: This is regarding your front page on Oct. 21.


Editor, Times-Union: Generalizations are always dangerous but usually contain elements of truth. Such is that applied to our public school systems with respect to deteriorating reading/math/English scores.

Can Connor Cover? Hoosier Hoops, The Doc And The Movie I’ll Never Finish

I’m going to begin this week’s column with a story. I’m not sure if it's relevant or not but I think it’s pretty funny.

The Penalty Box: Wawasee Reminds Us Of Sports Courage

Remember a few weeks back when I suggested to you that there are heroes and then there are “sports heroes”? After that hit the front porches and webpages, I got as much reaction from it as I had gotten from any column I have turned in.

Hoosier Lottery

Editor, Times-Union: I remember when the Hoosier Lottery used to be won every few weeks and would get up to $10 or $20 million and the tickets were only $1. The ticket sales would boost the winning total by up to $500,000 or more per week.

Chip Shots: Thiiiirrrrd Doooowwn!

You hear the hype announcement when you attend or watch NFL games each Sunday, or even at some college football games on Saturday. These days, the announcement can be heard by the home team’s public address announcers among some – but not all – of the high school stadiums in …

Term Limits For The House

Editor, Times-Union: Americans, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, America First or third party, should be willing to endorse some form of term limits for the U.S. House of Representatives. Term limits for the U.S. House of Representatives should include the following:

Where Were The Christians?

Editor, Times-Union: Where were all the pastors? Where were all the Christians?

Speed Limits & Stop Signs

Editor, Times-Union: I have a great idea! All signs showing speed limits should be taken down. Sound good?? Why not? Most drivers do not follow speed limits posted.

Can Connor Cover? A Charcuterie Board Of Topics And Some Humble Pie

Instead of talking about one big thing in this week’s introduction, I have a few smaller topics I want to reach all of. Bear with me here.

The Penalty Box: Seeding Doesn’t Solve Much

For as long as Indiana has hosted high school state tournaments, Hoosiers have been pouring over sectional draws.

Chip Shots: How’s Your NFL Viewing Season Going?

I’ve been shamelessly stealing a quote from New York Giants’ defensive coordinator, Wink Martindale.

Can Connor Cover? Fantasy Football Is Full Of Wonderful Reality

I was going to begin this column by saying I have no idea what to write about this week, but I then remembered I had just spent the last two hours looking at fantasy football posts on Reddit.