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Roger Grossman

Roger Grossman

The Penalty Box: Things That Are Broken, Part Two

This is the second in a three-part series on things in sports that need to be changed, updated or significantly improved.

The Penalty Box: Things That Are Broken, Part 1

As promised, I am taking a few weeks this summer to address some sports-related things that are broken and in need of immediate attention for those who can make those changes happen.

The Penalty Box: Free Fishing Weekend June 1-2

I realize that Father’s Day is still a couple weeks away, but my dad popped into my head this week.

The Penalty Box: Pacers Are Now A Force In The East

Two seasons ago, the Indiana Pacers won a total of 25 games.

The Penalty Box: IHSAA Can’t Cave On Transfers

I realize that the IHSAA has a lot going on right now. Tennis and track and field sectionals are this week, baseball and softball start their postseasons next week, golf is coming after Memorial Day.

The Penalty Box: Learning Something New Is Hard

When we experience something we aren’t familiar with, we have two options in what we do with it.

The Penalty Box: The Draft Is About Hoping

The NFL Draft has become a spectacle unlike any other non-game-related event in the world.

The Penalty Box: Fixing Things Takes Courage

About this time each year, I start contemplating what subjects I am going to cover with my summer articles.

The Penalty Box: OJ Dying Doesn’t Solve Anything

OJ Simpson died last week.

The Penalty Box: End Of The Run For Edey, Clark, Malone

Saying goodbye is hard.

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