Apology To Pro Wake

Editor, Times-Union: I am writing this letter to apologize to Mark Richards and his company, Pro Wake.

Thanks To Community

Editor, Times-Union: After the dust has settled from this 2024 Primary Campaign season, I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to the people of Kosciusko County for their incredible support during my recent campaign for Northern District County Commissioner.

Apology To Walmart

Editor, Times-Union: I am writing you today because I would like to post my apologies to Walmart for stealing.

Big Thanks

Editor, Times-Union: A big thanks to Leon Brenneman and the Warsaw Racquet Club for opening the club free of charge to host the eight-team NLC Girls Tennis Championship Tournament that would have been canceled Thursday night, May 9 due to rain and stormy weather.

Local Races & Companies

Editor, Times-Union: Now that the rhetoric of the local political races has finally simmer down, it has caused me to take a look at some things and wonder about the accuracy of all that was said.

Proud To Be A MAGA Guy

Editor, Times-Union: There are many reasons why I support MAGA (Make America Great Again).

Thanks, Voters

Editor, Times-Union: I am humbled and so grateful for the support of the voters of Kosciusko County!

Apology To Mike Gill’s

Editor, Times-Union: My name is Billy Fairchild.


Editor, Times-Union: I can handle disparaging remarks thrown my way. I can ignore some names I’ve been called.

Elect Birch For Judge

Editor, Times-Union: I am writing in support of Jack Birch for judge of the Kosciusko Circuit Court.

Elect Huffer For Coroner

Editor, Times-Union: Tyler Huffer has served as Kosciusko County coroner with professionalism and responsiveness. Improvements in the Coroner's office have been, and continue, to be implemented. Communication with other departments has been excellent.

Why I’m Voting For Wilson

Editor, Times-Union: Tyler Huffer was elected in an actual election year to Plain Township Trustee office with his term starting January 1, 2019, for 4 years.

Devil In The Details

Editor, Times-Union: I have been trying to gather information about local and state politicians running for offices through which we voters all hope they will make our lives better. So far no details — from anyone.

Re-elect Tyler Huffer

Editor, Times-Union: I am writing to endorse Tyler Huffer in his bid for re-election to the position of Kosciusko County coroner.

Tax Form Is Essential

Editor, Times-Union: It’s finally that time of year when temperatures are getting warmer and farmers are in the fields trying to get a crop in the ground.