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Chip Davenport

Chip Davenport

Chip Shots: Look What I Found

Two Saturdays ago, something said to me in passing triggered a memory of some wisdom passed on to me during the football preseason of 2018 resulting in an “a-ha!” moment.

Chip Shots: Here Comes Apathy Season

Sportswriters and Sports section opinion columnists who love all sports are rarer than you think. They’re handy because they can maintain an enthusiastic level of opinions as their readers navigate the seasons, and almost everyone is happy.

Chip Shots: Two-Headed Thoughts

My weekend thoughts take the form of a two-headed life form:

Chip Shots: Manage Your Expectations

Caitlin Clark, professional women’s basketball’s arguably most heralded rookie, has two completed basketball games in the books after The Indiana Fever’s 102-66 loss to the New York Liberty.

Chip Shots: Hats Off Works Best For Me

My only interest in The Kentucky Derby (took place last Saturday) is to see some shots in the audience to see how many people have wealth but lack good taste. As departed comedian Joan Rivers once said, “Every woman needs a gay friend… to tell her no!”

Chip Shots: Diamond Days

Recently, at a softball game, I noticed just about every athlete has her own bat worth at least 300 dollars and I did math in public to figure out how much that would be between the teams’ tow dugouts.

Chip Shots: Psyching Myself Up In Mid-Column

“Writers have a rare power not given to anyone else: we can bore people long after we’re dead.” – Sinclair Lewis

Chip Shots: Spring Break Potpourri

Enjoy the tail end of your spring break and enjoy some Final Four action tonight.

Chip Shots: Competitors Who Lose Vs. Losers

There are athletes and teams who rarely win in numerous individual and team competitions, and fans and sportswriters will call them losers.

Chip Shots: Watching, Listening To March Madness

My body was under repair this week with two minor procedures Monday, and a major surgery on Tuesday. It dawned on me before the week that this unusually slow-paced week for me coincided with the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the Round of 64 specifically.

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