Editor, Times-Union:
I was at the fairgrounds Saturday for the concert “Kick Off To Summer Bash” when I was overcome by the heat and fainted.
I would like to thank the EMS who responded so quickly. They checked my blood pressure and blood sugar and gave me water and stayed with me until I was OK. They then took my husband and I to our vehicle.
I would also like to thank the radio station Willie 103.5 for their kindness and concern.
They called me Monday personally to see how I was doing, Wow, what an awesome and caring community we all live in!
I would also like to thank my husband, Tommy, for catching me and not letting me hit the ground, and the rest of my family for staying with me: my sister, Deb, Lewis, Suzie, Katy, Konner and special thanks to my niece Miccah Shepherd for getting the EMS.
Thanks again to a very caring group of people.
Roberta Hatfield
Winona Lake