A Warsaw man was hospitalized early today after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh as he slept.

Police and medics were called around 5 a.m. to a home at 4032 Old Port Road, Warsaw, on a report that a man in the home had shot himself. When crews arrived, they found 74-year-old Don Mozdren sitting in a recliner in the home, holding a towel on his right thigh, according to Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Deputy Travis Shively’s incident report.

Mozdren told police that he had been asleep in the bedroom when he heard “rustling” outside the home. He grabbed his Bersa Thunder 9 mm and walked to the living room to look around, then sat in a recliner with the gun on his lap. Mozdren told police he did not know how the gun discharged, Shively wrote.

Mozdren told medics later that he may have fallen asleep, according to the report.

Mozdren’s wife told police the shot was accidental and “absolutely not” intentional, the report said.

Investigators found a hole in a wall a few inches above the floor where the bullet struck through after entering and exiting Mozdren’s leg, the report said.

Mozdren was taken to Kosciusko Community Hospital for treatment to the wound.