Editor, Times-Union:
Silver Box messages to the entire Leesburg Elementary School Family, my family members, W.C.S. board members and Dr. Hintz:

Thank you so much for the well-planned, first-class retirement festivities! Special thanks to all of the members of the Leesburg School planning team and my family. You’re wonderful and everything you planned was exceptional. I was breathless, delightfully surprised, and definitely enjoyed every minute of the superb celebrations.

Thank you to everyone for the extraordinary gifts: the helicopter ride, special gifts, cards, letters and notes. It has been a pleasure to be associated with all of you and the memories will be treasured forever. You are loved and my soul is still blossoming with gratitude!
To the patrons of Leesburg, Warsaw, and other in-state and out-of state communities:

Thank you to everyone who attended the magnificent retirement reception. You honored me with your presence, kind words, cards and gifts. You’re phenomenal and I sincerely appreciate you! I do understand that some of you were not able to attend, but I received your calls, letters and special greetings. They’re incredibly valuable and I thank you!

I know I have been blessed and I’m grateful to everyone who did anything to help me celebrate the spectacular retirement events! Without you and all of your kind gestures, it wouldn’t have been so much fun! Most importantly, thanks for the gifts of knowing all of you!

With love and gratitude,
A blessed retiree,
Marsha Cook
Warsaw, via e-mail

P.S. Thank you, David Slone! Each article and your coverage of the retirement events were remarkable and appreciated.