Bill and Linda Bowdler will mark the one-year anniversary of their daughter's tragic death by giving, rather than receiving flowers.

As a way to show appreciation for the community's support after the May 23 murder of their daughter Lisa Heather Mora, they will be going around giving flowers and well wishes to those who showed their support during those days and months following Lisa's death.
In an instant, the Bowdler's, who raised three daughters, became parents for a second time.

The oldest of the two Mora boys, Jovan, is a high honors student at Warsaw Christian School and will be 9 this summer while his little brother Adrian turned 3 earlier this month.

Linda Bowdler joked in an interview Thursday morning that when she writes her autobiography it's going to be entitled "From Diapers to Depends."

"It's hard to be a grandparent then become a parent," said Linda. "I've had many nights pouring my heart out to the Lord."

Both children have had issues dealing with losing both parents in a single day.

But it's a slow march back to a normal life.

Jovan is active in sports, loves to write and is a voracious reader.

The boys have shown a lot of resiliency that comes from their faith and the example of their family, but the emotional scars are still there.

"There were times we'd ask Jovan, 'How are you feeling?,'" said Linda. "And he'd said he felt good but then when you'd ask him how he felt he'd say it's a 'joyful aching feeling.'"

The Bowdler's indomitable faith showed as Linda talked about the past year.

"The Lord has been gracious to us. After the tragedy, people all over were there for us. Omar is out there alone. Actually he didn't hurt Lisa. She's not suffering. She's with the Lord. His mom and dad have been devastated. He left a lot of pain behind for his little boys."

Both boys are attending counseling as needed and dealing with the trauma of what they heard and saw on that late spring day.

Lisa's youngest sister, Sherry James and her husband Steven moved from North Carolina back to the area to help the Bowdlers cope with everything that has happened.

Lisa's sister Jeanine is a teacher at Warsaw Christian School.

Jeanine and Lisa shared a close relationship as Bowdler said they spent most every Friday night together watching movies and talking.

Besides the barrage of requests for interviews by media outlets, Bowdler said its hard to meet new people and have to answer the questions and relive those tragedies all over.

Bowdler said she hasn't kept up with the investigation citing she's with Jovan and Adrian.

She said she met with police on the day of Lisa's murder then once again in July 2007.

As for Lisa, much like her parents she was a private person, but after her death much came out to form a more complete picture her.

In a copy of the eulogy read at Lisa's funeral, it told the story of a gifted child with a affinity towards children, the elderly and those with special needs.

She worked for Healthy Families, Lakeland Rehabilitation and Cardinal Center along with volunteering at The Beaman Home.

In a cruel twist of fate, The Beaman Home offers aid and shelter to battered women.

Linda recalled the last time she saw Lisa.

"She was on her knees in the hallway saying 'Please don't kill me, Omar. Please don't shoot me.' Then he shot her in the head. He didn't know I was in the house," Linda said.

At that point Linda, who was standing near the front door ran to a neighbor's house for help.

Despite such a shocking and tragic event, there was never a crisis of faith for Lisa's family.

"For reasons unknown we are gathered here today....," the eulogy stated. "But we know though our memories and those in your hearts as well, she will live on until we see her again because Jesus Christ is the Ressurection and The Life, and whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life."

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