An emergency repair of piping in the Kosciusko County Jail kitchen cost the county over $123,000 recently.

County Administrator Marsha McSherry told the Commissioners Tuesday that a cast iron pipe under the cement floor collapsed and they were having drain issues.

“It became quite extensive due to the location of this pipe,” she said. “I contacted the commissioners to get emergency approval to move forward with the repair. This estimate now needs to be approved at the public meeting.”

The estimate is for $123,454 from Miller Sewer & Drain Inc. McSherry said the repair was completed in a week’s time so “we’re back up and running.”

She said there could be additional areas of pipe damage so testing will be done to see if there is any other possible damage coming up.

Commissioner Brad Jackson told McSherry he knew she put a lot of work into this, as well as Commissioner Cary Groninger. “I appreciate both of you guys because that was a mess,” he said.

McSherry said 10 to 15 years ago there was another collapse so they have two different areas that need to be checked to see if something is coming up in the future.

Groninger said the actual problem is the manufacturer of the pipe is now out of business and the pipe rots out.

Commissioner Bob Conley made a motion to accept the emergency expenditure, Jackson seconded it and it was approved 2-0 with Groninger abstaining as he was involved in it.

McSherry then presented a contract renewal - annual licensing fee - for Right Stuff software for $25,300. The software handles the county’s payroll. The renewal was approved.

Highway Superintendent Steve Moriarty presented an ordinance to make the intersection of CR 300E and CR 1300S a four-way stop. It’s currently a three-way stop. The request to change it came from Wabash County. The ordinance was approved 3-0.

Moriarty then presented an LPA (Local Public Agency) consulting contract for engineering for the county bridge No. 123 project between USI and Kosciusko County.

The bridge is on Packerton Road, just south of Pierceton Road. Construction is set for 2027.

The Commissioners approved the contract.

Bob Momeyer, county systems administration, presented a Central Square contract.

“Overall, the state of Indiana is trying to standardize their data format for sending information for victims notification from the jail. We currently have a system, but as I understand it, all 92 counties are kind of doing different things and they’re trying to standardize the projects,” Momeyer said.

He said the state is proposing, and the state will pay, for Kosciusko County to have its vendor, Central Square, rewrite the software to create the new format into their approved format.

The county is a customer of Central Square, he said. Central Square wants the county, going forward, to sign that Central Square is to proceed with the proposal.

“The one concern I have is that the state is saying they’re paying all costs, but the Central Square contract does say that in the event that the state fails to follow through, that the county is under obligation to pay the costs. The costs are $10,160 one-time cost and then there will be yearly maintenance costs of 5 or 7% or something like that. I just didn’t want to sign the contract, assuming the state was going to follow through, without your approval and your understanding,” Momeyer said.

Jackson said basically the state was mandating it and asking the county to guarantee it. Momeyer later said Central Square wanted the county to guarantee the costs as they’ve been burned by other states in the past.

County attorney Ed Ormsby said the county was on solid ground and he didn’t have an issue with the contract.

The Commissioners approved the contract 2-1 with Jackson opposed.

In other business, the Commissioners approved:

• The use of $25,000 from the Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation special projects fund in the County Economic Development Income Tax fund, as requested by KEDCO Chief Executive Officer Alan Tio on behalf of the Kosciusko County Redevelopment Commission.

The money will be used to investigate the South Shore Village area, about 2 miles south of Syracuse, as a housing tax increment finance district.

The Kosciusko County Council approved the request Thursday.

• A capital equipment claim of $4,521 and the quarterly claims of $148,922 in federal funds for Kosciusko Area Bus Service, as requested by KABS General Manager Chad Kaltenbach.

He said 20% of the equipment claim is local match and 80% is from a grant. It was for office equipment and a new welder for the KABS mechanic.

• For County Assessor Susan Engelberth to advertise for bids to hire a vendor for commercial and industrial assessing.

• All three rezoning requests presented by Area Plan Director Dan Richard. All three came with unanimous approval from the Area Plan Commission and there were no remonstrators.

They included Rob Vaile’s petition to rezone a tract of ground south and west of Atwood from agricultural to agricultural II; Teresa Jackson’s petition to rezone ground from residential to agricultural II off Old 30 to the west; and Jonathan Knisley’s petition to rezone ground from industrial II to agricultural, also on Old 30 to the west.

The next Commissioners meeting is at 9 a.m. Aug. 30.