Warsaw Airport's Automated Weather Observation System is on standby.

Airport Manager Nick King said Tuesday that they suspect the problem began after a recent lightning strike, but he can't confirm that.

King told the Board of Aviation that the problem essentially involves an interface. The airport has a weather station that collects weather data and sends it to a computer at the terminal.

The computer systems are working correctly, but they’re not talking to each other, King said.

The problem prevents the airport from transmitting weather information to pilots, who are now relying on surrounding airports for weather information, which King said is a standard backup for pilots.

He said they’ve replaced several boards in the system, but are to the point where a specialized technician is needed.

King said he’s unsure when the problem will be resolved.

“We’ve had four or five people come out and look at it, including the Federal Aviation Administration. But now, we’ve gone to the manufacturing company and they are sending out a specialist,” King said.

He said they'll consider filing a claim with insurance after they see the total cost and learn more what caused it.

The Board will meet again on Sept. 13.