Editor, Times-Union:

Three simple things for Mr. Roach:

Purdue is a Land Grant University and any published articles are peer reviewed. That is the highest standard for research. They currently have over 600 published articles on climate change and why it is occurring.

97% of climate scientists agree on the causation and effects of climate change. The other 3% are paid by think tanks like the Cato Institute and Heritage foundation that are funded by the oil and gas industries.

All the money you claim people are making from “scaring” people about climate change pales in comparison to what the oil, gas, and coal industries make each year. Who really has the money to spend to get the “research” they want done?

Mr. Roach’s mind appears to be made up and closed on the subject. Sea level rise, droughts, catastrophic weather events, higher and higher temperatures will never convince him because he has closed his mind to the truth. He even believes oil industry funded research over “peer reviewed” research done by one of the finest research institutions in the world right here in our own back yard.

Mr. Roach wants to make this political. I don’t care about the politics. I don’t care about Obama, Gore, or Trump. I care about my grandchildren’s future.

I issue this challenge to Mr. Roach and anyone else that wants to tag along. Go with me to the Climate Center at Purdue. I will drive and buy your meals. You can make your claims to them and see how they respond. You can see for yourself the reams of data that they receive daily from all over the world with supercomputers tabulating and printing out forecasts and models of the climate for the future.

I’m not arguing politics, Mr. Roach, I am promoting pure, peer reviewed science. Not conjecture, not bloviating BS from some talking head. Let’s go, Mr. Roach, let’s see if you can debunk their research. I look forward to seeing you make your claims to real scientists that have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place. If you want to take the challenge, call me at 574-267-1739. If I am not there, my recorder will take a message. I look forward to your call.

Don Zolman

Pierceton, via email