Editor, Times-Union:

When I heard that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, I was ecstatic because we had a chance to put abortion on the ash heap of history like all the other miscarriages of civilization. States could decide for themselves if babies had rights. But I found out that even when all the excuses are gone, the Republicans of the Indiana General Assembly failed to do so.

If you think the abortion bill just passed in the Indiana special session (SB1) is a ban on abortion, you are sadly mistaken. This bill, will allow abortions up to any age because an abortion can be done if there is a fatal fetal anomaly detected. And it does not need a second opinion. If a doctor believes that the baby will not survive, they can perform an abortion, that includes just before birth.

This bill gives open abortions in cases of rape and incest.  These crimes are sick and revolting, yet only the baby will be punished. A woman can make a claim of rape or incest, and receive an abortion, because law enforcement does not have to be called. A baby is dead, a woman is traumatized, and the rapist goes free.

Since the bill will push more abortions to hospitals, which we were told was a place to save lives, it means that taxpayers could be paying for these abortions. Do you want to pay for babies to be killed when they are 100% innocent?  I sure don’t.

Until SB 1 passed, Indiana Law was that life began at conception. But that has changed into life at implantation, which goes against science.

Then there is the part of the bill which will bury the stats of abortions behind HIPPA Laws. In the last 6 years, almost 50,000 babies have been killed, but now those numbers will not be known because of privacy. If this was an abortion “ban,” wouldn’t the General Assembly want to publish those numbers to prove that abortions are going down?

There was a chance to ban abortion 100% in Indiana.  With a supermajority of Republicans, and nearly all of them claiming to be pro-life, did it pass? Absolutely not. Only 6 Republicans voted to ban abortion in Indiana, and the only one from Kosciusko County was Curt Nisly.

We had other Republicans claim to be pro-life, but failed to actually defend it. We were given this Indy written letter, signed by an “esteemed” local Republican saying that his friend was 100% pro-life. And from the vote, they lied to keep Indy in control over who they want to speak to us.

If you were thinking this is an abortion ban, you should read the bill again. This is an expansion of abortion in Indiana. We will become an abortion haven from the region for women who do not want to travel to Illinois.

Those who will write in the comments on the Times-Union website will gripe that I should not comment on abortion since I am a man, but let me remind you of one simple fact. In the original flawed Roe opinion, 7 men voted to create a false right to kill babies before they are born.

Gary Eppenbaugh

Warsaw, via email