Editor, Times-Union:

I am 66 years old and have gone from being a conservative to being a dangerous radical in the eyes of the woke.  Becoming a born-again Christian made a lot of sense almost 60 years ago. But to many people I became a right-wing ideologue that threatens democracy because I believe the election laws were illegally changed in 2020. Common sense dictates that voter ID is required to make sure votes cast are legal and the voter is legitimate. Common sense also dictates that illegally changing election laws lead to fraud. But those that support common sense are considered dangerous and must be suppressed.  

Common sense dictates that there are two sexes, men can't give birth, and just because a man wants to identify as a female doesn't mean he's a female. That makes as much sense as identifying as a billionaire and trying to buy a private jet when you're in debt a few thousand dollars. I don't think a bank would loan me the money to buy the plane if that were the case.  

Common sense dictates that defunding the police and allowing criminals to get away with crimes will lead to lawlessness. But woke Democrats think that in order to reduce crime, we need to act nicer to people and they will act nicer to us. If that actually worked, maybe I should swim in the ocean and pet great white sharks. Criminals that are allowed to remain criminals and not be punished will keep on acting like criminals.  

Common sense dictates that printing money that is nearly worthless and overspending will lead to inflation. This has been a fact for centuries. But it didn't stop Joe Biden from making this bone-head blunder. This November the Democrats that voted for the latest legislation that is supposed to reduce inflation should be thrown out of office if inflation, as common sense predicts, increases. It's too bad many senators that voted to sick the IRS on more people, increase taxes on most people, keep farmers from growing more food, and fund green energy that isn't ready to replace conventional energy can't be shamed out of office.  

Common sense says doing dangerous things can lead to bad consequences. I never worried about getting AIDS or an STD because I know the danger of unprotected sex. I choose to live a moral life which means I will not get monkey pox.   I've never fathered a child because I believe only married people should have intercourse and I've never been married. Most females that have abortions knew better than to have intercourse. It's common sense.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email