Editor, Times-Union:

I’d like to start by telling Mr. Zolman that I appreciate his interest in my letter to the Times-Union. His rebuff on my comments of the “Climate Cult” seemed to put him in the corner of the Green New Deal crowd.

I first would like to point out to Mr. Zolman that his representation of my quote was incorrect. Quotes, as I’m sure he knows, are usually kept in context with the statement. Mr. Zolman conveniently omitted the entirety of my opening statement and seemed to purposely change the whole point of my letter. He attacks me on my lack of climate knowledge and for not recognizing the climatologist who support his belief that we are doomed by big oil! Purdue University is a fine school, in fact my older brother went to Purdue. However, their climate research department, like most others, are supported by grants by rich donors as well as the federal government themselves, all who have an agenda.

Climate is a very complex subject which would require far more than my allotted 500 words, but let me try to help Mr. Zolman understand the point of my last letter. The science of climate change, is to this day, unsure. We have a good bit of knowledge of the gases which compromise what we call “greenhouse gases,” but how they react to one another and the time which they remain in our atmosphere remains a puzzle. Clearly, hydrogen makes up 90% of our atmosphere and water vapor seems to be a major contributor to greenhouse gases, we may need to step back from our premise that CO2 is the culprit.

There are three man-made elements which play an important part in what we believe contributes to global warming. One of which are CFCs, which are Chlorofluorocarbons and have been banned. The other two are Nitrisoxide and CO2, but a major effect by 25 times that of C02 is Methane. It is produced by livestock, wetlands and forest decay. So, Mr. Zolman, why do you think climate hucksters like Jim Hanson of NASA, who shocked the world in June of 1988 at a congressional hearing when he began his 30 years of bogus predictions ranging from the United States being on fire to the evaporation of the Great Lakes to Manhattan being under water, all of which should have happened already. Why Al Gore became some sort of a climate guru after he lost his shot at president seems clear, he became a multi-millionaire. This is the motivation of everyone who blames CO2 emissions as the villain in our world’s destruction. It is the redistribution of wealth which motivates these grifters from Jim Hanson to Al Gore and even 16-year-old Van Sustren.

People have used fear to steal other people’s money from the beginning. I don’t know the answers but neither do they. I think it’s in the hands of Mother Nature and do you really think Barack Obama would have dropped millions on a mansion at Martha’s Vineyard if he believed Al Gore?

Gerald Roach