Editor, Times-Union:

If the government was a parent it would be accused of child abuse. But too many Americans want Washington to be their babysitter. Also, too many Americans don't realize how much of a danger the government is. And where the government could easily do a better job it chooses to sometimes act like it is controlled by idiots. Hillary believes it takes a village to raise a child.  Too bad the village is run by morons.

The government has wanted to disarm Americans for years just like Germany disarmed the German citizens before Hitler could force his will upon the people. Biden and many Democrats say the assault weapons ban during the ’90s was effective. One of the problems with it was that AK-47s made in China were shipped to America to be sold to Americans. To Democrats, those are a weapon of war since it has been used by Communist and Islamic soldiers since it was invented while the AR-15 is not officially a weapon of war since it is not an automatic weapon like the AK-47.  

Biden wants to take AR-15s out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. The new law that he signed might allow him to do that. He wants the ammunition to be unavailable which would effectively make AR-15s unusable. Yet the law he signed doesn't allow the police to disarm gang members which would help reduce the death toll in Chicago. Maybe Mayor Lightfoot doesn't care enough to protect mainly black citizens to allow the police to do its job to protect the people. I guess Joe doesn't care what happens to Blacks either.  Yet he expects Blacks to vote for him. Even Obama didn't care enough for Black Chicgoans to want to stop the gun violence in the city. Maybe Joe, Obama, and Lightfoot are anti-Black racists.  

 "Bidennomics" plunged America into a recession. I'd like to see if Joe voted to allow people that couldn't afford mortgage loans to have houses they couldn't afford in 2007 which brought on the Great Recession of 2008. If he did, then no wonder he doesn't want to acknowledge that our bad economy is his fault. So he changed the definition for a recession. That would be like saying skunk spray is perfume. It doesn't stink any less.

The high price of energy is hurting most Americans. But Biden wants to force us to drive electric vehicles even if it means there will be blackouts. Airliners need fuel as do locomotives that need diesel fuel. The electrical capacity that is being removed is not being fully replaced. But I guess Biden doesn't care that people will freeze to death in the winter and die from the heat due to blackouts because of his energy policy.

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email