Editor, Times-Union:

Mr. Roach said, and I quote, “can the wild assertions by the ‘Climate Cult’ finally be coming true? No. According to real climatologists.”

What “real”climatologists is Mr. Roach listening to? Ones bought and paid for by the oil companies? Certainly no reputable climatologist would make such a comment. The Pentagon under both Republican and Democratic administrations has been planning for climate change driven sea level rise for the last 30 years. Are they part of the “cult”?

Mr. Roach is obviously an intelligent person and so I appeal to his intellect to research climate change more fully to understand its true ramifications.

I am not going to argue from personal experience and observation, although I could ad nauseam. I would rather direct him and others that had interest to www.ag.purdue.edu/climate/ to find real  data on climate change, not politicized fodder provided by talking heads on television and radio. They are all owned by the oil, gas and coal industries. I proved this to myself years ago. A little investigative research can go a long way.

Purdue is one of the most conservative universities in the United States. It’s president is a conservative of some note, Mitch Daniels. I suggest that Mr. Roach and anyone else interested to schedule a visit to the climate center and get REAL data on climate change.

REAL data in REAL time. Our tax dollars go to fund the Climate Research Center. They are currently projecting how much our climate is changing and is going to change going forward. It is very eye opening. I suggest everyone use it.

Don Zolman

Pierceton, via email