Editor, Times-Union:

The other day when I saw Steve Bannon in front of a courthouse where he was declared guilty of contempt for Congress, a person was standing behind him with the sign “No one is above the law.” That is a lie. Democrats and even some Republicans act as if they are above the law and they get away with criminal activities.  

Take for instance Nancy and Paul Pelosi. The other day when Congress passed legislation that pushed the fabrication of computer chips in America and away from China, it was after Paul Pelosi bought stock in a chip company. When Nancy was approached about insider trading she thought it was a silly question and walked away. If she and her husband weren't above the law, they would go to prison for insider trading. Maybe if Republicans take over Congress and save democracy from the tyranny of the Democrats there will be hearings on insider trading and legislation to stop it.  

In the '30s, we had Goebbels in Nazi Germany and the Soviet press that was controlled by Stalin. They made sure Hitler and Stalin were protected from scrutiny. Today we have the poison-streamed media that protected Joe Biden and his corrupt family from scrutiny and big tech made sure those with the truth were shut down. I heard the other day that maybe the reason why Hunter saved so much incriminating evidence against his father is because he wants to blackmail him. I find it ironic that the first impeachment attempt against Trump was for wanting Ukraine to investigate corruption in that nation which might have revealed the corruptness of the Biden family. It was as if Trump was Eliot Ness and Joe was Al Capone and it's Ness that is arrested. Even Joe bragged about shutting down the investigation of Barisma which hired Hunter because of his connections to Joe. Yet it didn't matter to the Democrats. Trump had to go and they didn't want the truth to get in the way.  

The riots in America in 2020 were an insurrection against this nation. Hundreds of people that should be in prison today are free to protest and are considered heroes to many. Yet a grandmother with cancer was sentenced to prison for walking into the Capitol building illegally. I pray she doesn't die in prison. When a group of TV comedians openly broke the law by being in the Capitol illegally and causing mischief, they were let go. Even the man that tried to stab Lee Zelden who wants to be the governor of New York was let go without bail. He knew it would happen and could use his experience against Governor Holcomb in a debate if she has the guts to debate him. Don't count on it.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email