Editor, Times-Union:

Wow, it’s hot. Can the wild assertions by the “Climate Cult” finally be coming true? No. According to real climatologists, our present heat spell is nothing new. The fact is that this wonderful earth of ours is always changing, and all of our climate wizards are barely getting their heads around it.

I watched an interesting documentary about our climate and our earth. The documentary was called “Kiss the Ground,” and it was on Netflix. The film did not talk about the reduction of CO2 emissions, it, instead, talked about the ground’s ability to sequester CO2! Think about it. Photosynthesis, the plants capture CO2 and absorb sunlight for their energy and, in return, give us oxygen. Over the years, our typical processes for cultivating the ground to produce crops was just wrong. We have destroyed over one-third of the land in our own country. Think of it, one-third of the land, which use to capture CO2 from the atmosphere, is not there! The destruction has been replicated around the globe. Millions of people have been displaced simply because they destroyed their ability to produce their food.

I can assure you that buying an electric car will not solve this problem. Scarring our landscape with ineffective gadgets will not only bankrupt us, we will have one helluva mess to clean up once we realize the truth. We watched the Texas grid fail last winter. Its dependence on solar and wind contraptions to provide the electricity to keep them warm just crapped out. The wind mills froze up, and there was no sunshine.

We need to regenerate the ground. If we want to pay a farmer “not” to grow crops for economic purposes, he needs to grow something. We need to be smart with the planting of our crops, and the pesticides we use. We need to let our cattle graze and constantly move sectors, simply put, we must take care of our soil and vegetation.

Finding a renewable fuel that doesn’t require more rare earth minerals that we even know we have is the goal. The good news is we have a reliable source for at least a hundred years and we have a very talented pool of inventors which are working on this problem.

I like to think it is God’s blessing which has enriched this country with all of its bounty. We have enough fossil fuels to carry us for hundreds of years. I believe “He” expects us to figure out an alternative fuel. I suspect He expects a lot more out of us as his children.

Gerald Roach