Editor, Times-Union:

Please see my 06/29/2022 letter to the editor titled “Ban Abortions No Exceptions.”

This letter is to our local state legislators. I am publicly calling on you, our local Indiana legislators, to do the following to ban all abortions, with no exceptions:

It is not acceptable for you to say that you voted for the best bill that came before you. If the bill that comes to the floor is not a complete ban of abortions with no exceptions, you must do the following to avoid being labeled as a legislator who worked by your action and inaction to continue the slaughter of innocent human life:

1) One - Submitting an amendment to change the bill to a complete ban on abortions with no exceptions (unless someone beats you to it).

2) Two - Challenging the chair if the amendment is called out-of-order, etc. (unless someone beats you to it).

3) Three - Seconding the challenge of the chair (unless someone beats you to it).

4) Four - Voting for the amendment. It will not be acceptable to claim that the vote was a procedural vote. It is a vote on the amendment.

5) Five - Voting for the bill banning abortions with no exception.

By the way, tricks like changing the definition of words will not get you off of the hook. An example is changing the definition of when human life starts from “conception” to “implantation” as the proposed Republican “pro-life” bill says.

I will be praying that God gives you the courage to stand up for the pre-born.

Thank you,

Craig Nayrocker

Warsaw, via email