Editor, Times-Union:

 In 2020, President Trump warned that Biden would be a terrible president and he is constantly being proven right.  

Biden started on day one sacrificing America's future by shutting down construction on the Keystone pipeline and shutting down oil and gas drilling on federal land. He sacrificed energy independence and we have been paying for it ever since. America is not ready for the switch to green energy to the extent he wants. Biden is like a pilot that is flying a plane that is almost out of fuel and he decides to get rid of the parachutes before he tells the passengers to trust that he can glide the plane to the nearest airport that is 100 miles beyond Mount Everest, which is dead ahead of them.  

We need the new generation of nuclear reactors, geothermal energy, plasma burners to make coal-fired power plants cleaner and more efficient, along with conventional sources of energy before we can change to green energy.  Solar and wind power can not replace conventional energy sources yet. Shutting down reliable sources of energy without matching the energy production capability will produce deadly blackouts during the summer and winter when no air conditioning or heating causes the deaths of elderly people.  

Democrats think the elimination of Roe v. Wade and the states having say in abortion will mean they can keep control of Congress in November. The election will be determined by the economy and what Biden does or doesn't do.  Most people who support the extermination of the unborn vote Democrat already and Republicans that oppose abortion won't change their vote because their states finally use the democratic process to determine the rules about abortion.

One thing that should strike fear in the minds of Democrats is the promise of legitimate investigations of people that need to be investigated like Biden and his people. If Pelosi and Democrats in various states hadn't illegally changed election laws and COVID hadn't become an excuse to change the process, maybe Trump would have been re-elected. Maybe the January 6 show trial will become a true investigation if Republicans take control of Congress.  

Vote Democrat if you like Biden's America. Vote Republican  if you want a better future.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via emai