Editor, Times-Union:

I really hate getting into the women’s arena. People say that men can’t have an opinion on abortion ... but they’re wrong. It takes two to tango, both men and women. Shouldn’t men have equal responsibility on this decision to procreate?

The Supreme Court has determined that the Constitution says nothing about abortion, which means as the major arbitrator of the constitutional law, they cannot give their opinion. Abortion was not written as a right in our Constitution, therefore, under the 10th Amendment, the decision of abortion goes back to the “People.” We get a chance to express our opinions. What’s wrong with that?

I do have some questions. Why the “pro-choice” supporters are bent on the destruction of facilities that try to help mothers who want their babies? I thought having a “choice” meant you have two or more things to choose from ... I guess not. Why the Democrats seem to be against the birth of a child? It seems to me we need all the help we can get and just maybe the child is born that has the ability to bring us all together.

I can go on and on because no one really can make an argument to support death. I am a man and have no idea of the burden of a woman, but my argument for the life of a child, just can not be dismissed. I am a Christian and cherish the promise of a new born, but I do understand the decisions of a frightened young woman, this is why if we talk the talk, we have to walk the walk and pour our heart and soul into the support of all women and their decisions.

I’ve pondered this subject, debating myself but always coming to the same conclusion. There are a multitude of reasons a woman may consider putting the end to her child’s life, but in the end it amounts to murder. God has given us life and only he has a right to take it away. I’m sorry, but don’t call it “choice,” quit trying to minimize the value of a living being.

It seems easy trying to justify the abortion of an unborn child. You’ve had the opportunity to be alive! Thank your mother and give a nod to God while you’re at it, and by the way, your choice has always been there, sometimes the couple involved just doesn’t exercise it.

Gerald Roach