Editor, Times-Union:

On the campaign trail, I have repeatedly emphasized my love for my family. That emphasis is and always will be true. But, like all families, mine can be complicated.

Last week, after a lengthy period of investigation, my son was charged with maintaining a common nuisance and battery. The investigation was conducted by the Indiana State Police and has, since the very beginning, been in the hands of the Whitley County Prosecutor’s Office, our own Prosecutor’s Office having sought the appointment of a special prosecutor to avoid a conflict of interests and any appearance of favoritism or impropriety. I did not participate in the investigation or attempt to influence it in any way, publicly or privately. The special prosecutor alone decided whether and when to file charges, making the case public.

My son is now an adult who makes his own choices, for good or for ill. He is assuming full responsibility for all expenses related to the case, including his legal bills.

Needless to say, as a father, I will always love and support my son, but I will not support or excuse any actions he may take that violate the law or cause harm to others.


Jim Smith