Editor, Times-Union:

Too many people in America have been in rebellion against God for ages. With criminals being allowed to continue their criminality with practically no punishment and the Supreme Court using the Constitution to correct some long-standing errors like abortion on demand everywhere and the inability to carry a weapon in New York for protection being attacked, it's a wonder God has allowed America to exist as long as it has.  

Abortion is not a Contitutional right because it violates the Fifth Amendment which states that a person can't be deprived of life without due process of law. Biden wants to make it available in every state even if the majority of the citizens oppose it. Margaret Sanger supported it because she wanted to restrict the birth of undesirables like blacks. I'm sure the KKK thought that was a great idea a century ago. So why would people like Maxine Waters support something the KKK supported? Is she an anti-black racist? And since Hitler admired Sanger and Hillary does, too, would that mean Hillary would have been admired by Hitler?

We fought a world war against Hitler who supported choice in who should live or die and also disarmed his people. Biden also believes women should have the choice of who should live or die in the womb and is trying to disarm the people. If Antifa actually opposes fascism, why isn't it protesting the White House since Joe acts like a fascist? He doesn't want to support the Constitution if it opposes his plans and opposes laws that he doesn't like. Can God bless a nation that has a leader that acts so lawless and so ungodly?  With abortion in America having a body count at least three times larger than the Holocaust in Nazi-controlled Europe, can God still bless America?  

Children are being indoctrinated in schools that often have no place for Godly principles. Lia Thomas might claim he's a woman. But allowing him to compete in swim races against women would be like riding a motorcycle in a bike race and considering it fair. Critical Race Theory is a warped view of history because America would not be as great as it is if it hadn't been for great black people. One black man from Peekskill, New York, where I used to live manned the cannon that was used against the ship that would have taken Major Andre to New York. How would the war have changed without him?  

Children are being sexualized in school and it seems the school systems don't care. Is a generation of sexually confused and morally bankrupt people being produced that will provoke the wrath of God?  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email