Editor, Times-Union:

Proposed Constitutional Amendment for creating an Upper Senate:

The Upper Senate of the United States shall be composed of one senator from each state, chosen by the legislature thereof from within their ranks with the consent of the people confirming the parties chosen subject to annual recall by the people, for terms of 10 years; and each senator shall have two votes.

The creation of the Upper Senate chamber would restore the voice of the state legislature back into the federal government as it was before the passage of the 17th Amendment. This restoration can be accomplished while eliminating the problems that happened from 189 to 1913 with the appointment of the Upper?Chamber Senators by the state legislators whether by lottery, caucus, majority vote, etc. The individual who is chosen from the legislature would have to be approved by the residents of that state in a referendum and would be subject to recall.

It would be best to add the Upper Senate chamber as soon as possible getting an additional constitutional check and balance restored and giving each state three senators for representation in Congress. One selected by the legislature of that state and two selected by popular vote. Those selected by popular vote would be known as the Lower Senate chamber.

I would urge readers to contact their elected officials in Congress and urge adoption of this amendment.

Alexander Houze