Editor, Times-Union:

Please follow my nine points below:

ONE - At conception the preborn person has his/her own unique DNA from his/her mother and father. The preborn person is a separate and distinct person from his/her mother.

TWO - It is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being. Abortion intentionally kills an innocent human being.  Therefore abortion is wrong.

THREE- At times the powerful have abused the powerless. Nazis killing Jews. White people owning black slaves.  Born people killing preborn people.

FOUR- If Indiana allows abortions for incest or rape, we are still allowing born people to kill preborn people who are innocent of how they were conceived. Why would Indiana insist on standing with Nazis and slave owners?  

FIVE- There is no “life of the mother” exception. If a mother’s health is in jeopardy, her health problems should be treated. If she is receiving treatment for cancer, the baby may not survive. However, that is not purposefully killing the baby. If the baby is in a fallopian tube, that section of the tube is removed. The baby will die, but the operation was to save the life of the mother. The baby’s death was an unavoidable consequence.

SIX – Indiana should pay no attention to future unconstitutional federal laws about abortion.

SEVEN - The U.S. Constitution gives few powers to the federal government. Those powers are listed. Any power not listed is reserved for the states and the citizens.  The federal government does not have the authority to allow the intentional killing of preborn persons.

EIGHT – Article 6 Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution says the Constitution and ONLY federal laws made in Pursuance of the Constitution are the supreme law of the land. Future federal laws about abortion that are not made in pursuance of the Constitution are not superior to state law.

NINE - The Declaration of Independence says the purpose of governments is to secure our rights. When the federal government oversteps its authority, it is the responsibility of our state legislature to nullify the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government.

Our state legislators are: Rep. David Abbott, Rep. Curt Nisly, Rep. Craig Snow, Senator Stacey Donato, Senator Blake Doriot and Senator Ryan Mishler.

Please join me in asking our state legislators to do a clean outright ban of all abortions – no exceptions.

Craig Nayrocker

Warsaw, via email