Editor, Times-Union:

I’m not defending Republicans or attacking Mr. Osbun, but I would like to voice my opinion.

1. Twice impeached - The only reason, the Democrats had both House and Senate majorities. Just wait. In November, when the Republicans retake the House back, they only need five seats. Payback is coming.

2. Guns - I wrote a letter about several years ago, over 30 veterans commit suicide every day. We must do something to save our vets.

3. Women and child birth - (Go back to 1973. The Supreme Court was all men and most of the court were Republicans.) (Children are a gift from God.) There are several ways to prevent being pregnant: Don’t have sex, diaphragm, day after pill, IUD, vasectomy and condoms. I would be more afraid of getting herpes or a “STD” sexual transmitted disease than getting pregnant.

4. Black history - Did you know that Obama’s brother-in-law is suing the school board that his children are attending?

I pray for our nation every day. Do you?

Paul Fribley