Editor, Times-Union:

Definitions of the word “supreme” include: superior to all others; most important; most powerful. There was a female singing group of four women in my day that, while very popular and successful, I am not sure they actually lived up to those definitions. There is a group of nine men and women today who I believe are convinced that they do exemplify those definitions. (At least five or six of them anyway.) I have to admit that these Supremes probably are the most powerful — at least when it comes to interpreting the U.S. Constitution and the meaning of it as set forth by well-meaning, self-appointed first-time leaders of a brand new country some 250 years ago.

Those leaders were wise enough to foresee that the eventual expansion and growth of this country just might require some changes (amendments) to be made to its governing constitution. They were so right. To date, 27 amendments based on new and timely interpretations were added to meet the needs and ever-changing development of the people known as Americans.

Nowhere in this constitution does the word “freedom” appear. Yet there was a dire need for this concept to be addressed 89 years after it was written. Nowhere does the word “woman” appear in this constitution. Yet the fair sex demanded, fought for, and achieved recognition and a little equality 102 years after it was written. Nowhere does the word “privacy” appear. Yet in 1965, the Supremes finally recognized “decisional privacy” as the right “to independently control the most personal aspects of our lives and our bodies … saying it was implicit from other constitutional rights,” (Scott Skinner-Thompson, The Conversation, 2022).

Today’s Supremes (at least five of them) seem to be making it their sole purpose in their lifetime appointments to fulfill the goals of their devoted promoters … just as they must have promised they would. They are going to make America great again! In direct opposition to the will of the American people, they are successfully putting women back “in their places.” They are restoring the macho personas of men by allowing them to pack their heat any damn place they want to … even if their states of residence try to legislate against that idea.

Six of today’s Supremes have given permission back to the states to eliminate women’s reproductive rights, but they have chosen to rescind states’ rights to legislate gun restrictions. Even worse, they are hinting at the possibility of overturning laws recognizing marriage rights, contraceptive rights, and I shudder to think what other rights might be on the chopping block. All of these “threats” and decisions from two guys accused of sexual misconduct, one of which may have blatant conflicts of interest, two more guys with obvious agendas, and one female with a questionable history of cult-like affiliations. These are the supreme beings dictating our future lives from their untouchable, unchecked positions of self righteousness and superiority.

RBG, I miss you so!

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake