Editor, Times-Union:

I would like to agree with Mr. Osbun. Republicans do have it hard.

It’s hard to have your president offer evidence to support his opinion only to have him be called a liar.

It’s hard to see people believe that two unsubstantiated charges of impeachment are more important than the two acquittals.

It’s hard to believe that the confiscation of guns from those that are willing to admit they have them will reduce gun crime in America.

As far as what other things Mr. Osbun says Republicans have to believe, I don’t believe they are worth addressing.

I will say this and this is my opinion. If Mr. Biden had not become president, we would:

• still have gas prices under $3.

• still have peace in Europe.

• still have inflation under 2%.

• still have borders that would be becoming more secure every day.

• still have energy independence.

• still have a Taiwan that would not be under imminent threat.

• still have so much oil that we would be selling it to our friends.

• still not have to beg other nations for anything.

• still have a North Korea that had crawled back into its cave.

• still have an Iran that had no path to nuclear weapons.

• still have nations willing to make peace with Israel.

• still have the most pro-life president ever.

Thank you for listening.

John Burtoft