Editor, Times-Union:

I happened to catch Joe Biden’s speech on 5/25/2022 about the latest school shooting, which took place in Texas last week.

Among the statements this Democrat made was how gun rights advocates “just don’t get it!” No, Joe, if there is anyone who doesn’t “get it,” you and the entire Democrat Party are among those who do not, can not, or will not “get it!”

Guns are not the main cause of the problems going on across this nation, as well as across the world.

I’m going to keep saying this until people listen.

This evil is not just against flesh and blood people, we are seeing the rise of spiritual evil, demonic power from the depths of Hell!

Gun control laws will never work! Stop playing games, grow up, and start listening to the word of God!

Satan and his demonic horde all laugh at the foolish actions of ignorant humans. On top of all this, if you think Satan and his fellow fallen angels care about “new laws” being passed, you are fooling yourself! Satan is all about hatred, lies, murder, lust, violence, the list goes on.

Take away guns, evil men and women will use bombs, cars, abductions, any and all forms of vicious carnage.

He especially hates those who commit evil in his name!

Anyone who can and will turn away from sin and evil, receive Jesus Christ as their Savior ... Satan hates them.

But time is running out!

William Smith