On May 11, the Kosciusko County Conventions, Recreation and Visitor Commission awarded Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts a grant of $15,000 to help with the cost of the Wagon Wheel’s website updates.

The Wagon Wheel’s website is in need of updates. “We just had Crowder perform at the Wagon Wheel for two sold out concerts and our website crashed from all the traffic to our site that day!” said Lakesha Green, executive director of Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts. Additionally, the Wagon Wheel presented that the website is not user friendly especially for people traveling from out of town that don’t know the area.

The website update will include an extensive redevelopment of the site to make it more user friendly, help better tell the story of the Wagon Wheel as a nonprofit organization and provide more information to visitors about other experiences and amenities in Kosciusko County. The updated website will increase tourism and visitors to the Wagon Wheel and Kosciusko County, according to a news release from the Wagon Wheel.

“We are excited to have the support of KCCRVC for our website update! We wish to thank the Visitor’s Commission for investing in the success of the Wagon Wheel and our mission,” Green said.

The KCCRVC is funded through the innkeeper’s tax, a tax collected from individuals who stay at Kosciusko County lodging properties. The KCCRVC’s purpose is to promote the development and growth of tourism in Kosciusko County through the disbursement of funds to projects and organizations to encourage travel and promotion of Kosciusko County.

 “We are hoping to really encourage a push of tourism to our county and encourage investing in the future of travel and tourism in the future for Kosciusko County,” said Kathy Ray, president of the KCCRVC Board.

Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts was founded in 1956 as a summer stock professional theatre. After becoming a nonprofit in 2010, the Wagon Wheel expanded programming to further strengthen Kosciusko County and the region’s accessibility to professional and educational arts programming.

Donations made to Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts are tax-deductible. Wagon Wheel’s mission is to provide Performing Arts experiences that create community unity, educational opportunity and economic growth.