Editor, Times-Union:

“Dreams Of My Father” was a best-selling book in which Barack Hussein Obama apparently had a part in the writing of this work, which gave us an insight to who his father was and how he had an influence on Barack’s life.

His father was a Kenyan socialist. He hated the British for their colonialism of Africa, but he opposed the very nature of capitalism. As Obama explained, his father’s wishes and “dreams” we come to see the core beliefs of Obama. He often denounced America and the checkered history of this great country while he toured the world on the taxpayers’ dime. As he is revered in the progressive dark underground, most clear thinking Americans understand his lofty rhetoric was only a disguise. He secretly attempted to hand over the water rights of America to the U.N. He had and is to this day trying to create a new world order and just guess who’s in charge.

We suffer today under the oppressive hand of Obama. We all wonder who is guiding Joe Biden. How can this inept incoherent old man possibly construct a plan to reduce this great country into a third world nation? It comes at the hands of the very person who described the demise of this wealthy capitalist entity as a spoiled pariah which sucked the life from other countries. The very lawful invasion of our southern border, which goes on ignored by the Biden administration is clear evidence of their desire to drastically change the demographics of this country, stealing our wealth, robbing our children of their future and for the time I can remember mothers holding their crying babies for lack of food.

As we look helplessly at the deterioration of our once great country, we seem to have given up. We don’t seem to have the fight in us to defy this Marxist infection which has been trying to capture our children’s minds for decades. I’ve spoken of this two years ago in letters. I’ve ranted about this socialist endeavor to steal our freedom. I’ve tried to expose the socialist and their corruption of our government, their financing of the “wokeness” which permeates our society, their strange compliance with a minuet fraction of our population.

I spoke of all these things including what I called “the impending inflation” over 14 months ago! I am not a prophet, in fact many of the readers of letters have tried to alert us of the same problems. My wish is that we can turn this disaster around. We elect the people who are grounded in the founding principles of our founders. I pray we can save this great country, and by the way, my dad had dreams, too!

Gerald Roach