Editor, Times-Union:

I hear news reporters and people talk about how bad specific firearms are, and manufactures of firearms, specifically what they branded, assault rifle, the AR-15 and how “it” has killed so many innocent people.   

Nothing is said, or if so very little, when a human life is lost by a vehicle. Google listed more than 110 lives a day by firearm, which also includes self-inflicted, suicide. They list 3,287 as result of vehicle accidents. Quite a difference in the numbers.    

Both have one thing in common, a human being to “pull the trigger” or “drive the vehicle.” Amazing, you can fully load a “AR 15” put a round in the chamber and flip the safety to fire, but “the rifle” won’t do a thing until a “human” pulls the trigger, same with a vehicle start one up put it in gear and until a “ human” drives it is safe.    

I fail to see why all the newsies or attorneys and the man in the White House and other politicians are not after vehicles and their manufactures. And spreading false information about vehicles and their manufactures.

Gerald Oswalt

North Webster, via email