Editor, Times-Union:

Let’s see now. The most recent perpetrator of mass murder in Texas just recently turned 18. He still was not old enough to buy a beer or to even rent a car — not to mention he did not have a driver’s license any way. He was old enough, however, to purchase not one but two assault rifles and over 300 rounds of ammunition — on two different days — from the same store — with no license, no background check and no training. Note: He was not old enough to buy a handgun. Please explain.

Now I am wondering why many Republican legislators think this is okay and refuse to pass any restrictive laws to prevent the over 200 school shootings in the U. S. so far — even though the majority of the American people (their constituents) believe they should. Could it have anything to do with the amount of money their campaigns receive from the NRA (the most affluent benefactor of the extremely increasing number of assault weapons sold)?

Check it out. Ted Cruz has received more than $176,000, Joni Ernst 3.1 million, Marco Rubio 3.3 million, and Mitt Romney over 13 million. And wouldn’t you know it? Our very own Hoosier reps, Young and Braun, have received a total of 4,146 million for their hard work and dedication. Did you know Indiana has a reported 907 gun-related deaths per year?

Republicans make it increasingly harder for folks to vote but easier to purchase guns. They are making abortion rights a crime but do nothing to help prevent school shootings. They profess to be pro-life but then refuse to pass laws to care for all the children born. They recently voted no to funding that would ease the formula shortage. They voted no to lowering insulin costs. They voted no to the extension of child tax credits.

Republicans did pass laws immediately when they deemed such things as “saying gay” or transgenders participating in school sports, or that CRT might be discussed in schools other than college advanced courses, or books that might address personal issues facing young folks, were perceived as imminent threats. All of those things must be stopped now before people wise up and realize they have been duped and then vote our illustrious leaders out of office!

People, especially young people, might uncover the truth, start thinking for themselves, and then realize they have choices. We can’t have that!

Perhaps we all need to heed the words of Frank Ticheli, a professor of composition in Pasadena: “Nothing will improve until more lawmakers admit that the Constitution was written by mere mortals doing the best they could without benefit of a crystal ball. Those same mortals saw this themselves, thereby permitting amendments to the Constitution. In other words, they possessed a humility and wisdom that many current lawmakers seem to lack.” May I add the word “courage” to his last statement.

Jeanne Schutz

Winona Lake