Warsaw Community High School Dance Department will hold its spring performance at 7 p.m. Thursday at the WCHS Performing Arts Center.

The performance is free of charge with general seating. There is no limited seating, said Grace Hedington, dance instructor and PAC director.

Thursday, Dance 1, Dance 2 and the Honors Select Ensemble will perform. The Honors Select Ensemble did an outreach program this year called Kids Dance,?Warsaw! This semester, the outreach program was to second-graders at Harrison and Leesburg elementaries and kindergarten through fourth-grade students at Claypool Elementary.

There will be 35 students from the outreach program that will also be performing Thursday.

On Thursday, as far as a theme, “it’s a spring dance concert, so you’re going to feel a lot of summery, sunshine type of feel for these (dances),” she said. There’s a lot of older genres of dance and a lot of rhythm. There’s going to be modern dance, African-style dance, jazz and tap dance.

There’s also going to be some partner work during the performance, which Hedington said the department hasn’t worked with since the COVID-19 pandemic started. She said the performance is still working within the school parameters as far as social distancing.

“We just made sure it was safe for the kids, and the kids had to agree this was OK. If they didn’t want to, they didn’t have to participate,” she said.

The last dance is called “Any Dream will Do,” where all the students will have dancing ribbons to celebrate “color, joy, excitement,” she said.

Hedington said she hopes the students and performance goes get “joy in general and excitement” out of the performance. Dance isn’t always about dance, it’s also about comradery, friendship, work ethic and discipline. She hopes students can find a passion in something and find they can use what they’re doing to help and give to others. She also hopes the performance goers enjoy the performance.