MENTONE – Mentone Town Council approved for the Police Department to purchase two new taser kits at $5,029.50.

Town Marshal Jim Eads said he looked into replacing the tasers the police department has. They currently have Taser X2 models.

Eads said he is looking at going with Taser 7, which is the new model. He said he feels the Taser X2 models are going to be phased out and won’t be supported by the manufacturer. He said the X2s are at least five years old.

The new models have rechargeable batteries and a charging station. The charging station can hook up to WiFi and any updates that are pushed through go through the taser’s battery. When the battery gets put in to the taser, the updates will be put into the taser then.

In other business, town attorney Andrew Grossnickle said there is adjacent property to Metzger Park to the east where the current owner has indicated she is willing to allow the town to use the property with a stipulation the town will maintain the property. He believes the property is vacant with possibly a shed on the property.

Grossnickle said the easiest option he’s come across is for the property owner to grant an easement to the town to allow people to use the property for recreational activities. He said he doesn’t know if the property owner is interested in that option. If  the Council decides to go that route, Grossnickle said the town will have to make sure that property is covered by the town’s insurance policy.

He said he doesn’t think the owner is willing to sell the property at this time.

No decision was made Wednesday.

Also, the Council:

• Learned Mentone Days is June 2-4.

• Moved the June meeting to 6:30 p.m. June 8.

• Approved a modified salary ordinance paying part-time employees up to $15 an hour and deputy Marshal Jacob Bill $43,500 annually.

• Learned the Mentone Farmers Market is Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Councilwoman Shelly Krueger said she usually has people that want to set up tables fill out a form. She can give those forms the day of the farmers market.

• Approved a motion for Bill to have a take-home vehicle.