Editor, Times-Union:

In a primary season often marked by sharp disagreements and crass negativity, we write in support of one positive highlight: The campaign of Scott Clay for County Council, District 3.

Scott Clay is the type of candidate we need to see more often in Kosciusko County politics. He’s a fresh face from outside of the traditional political bubble who can bring new perspectives and new ideas to the operation of local government. He’s a young and energetic entrepreneur who, even without the benefit of a long political resume, has built an impressive campaign from the ground up, relying simply on the strength of his many connections in the private sector and the power of his ideas to connect with Republican voters.

Scott Clay’s campaign has been unrelentingly positive, focused on the growth of our county and local businesses.  And who better to carry that positive message? Scott Clay’s experience doesn’t come from the world of government, but from the world of small business. When he speaks about the conditions that best attract and retain talent in our community, he speaks from experience. When he speaks about the obstacles faced by small businesses, he speaks from experience. He knows the highs and the lows, the successes and the setbacks, of starting and maintaining a business. He is uniquely positioned to address these issues at the government level.

Republican voters in District 3 have a great opportunity to add a strong new advocate for our community to the Kosciusko County Council. We highly recommend that they do so.

Vote Clay in May.  

Beverly Brown, Precinct Committeeman, Warsaw

Craig Nayrocker, Precinct Committeeman, Warsaw

Lynn Howie, Precinct Committeeman, Winona Lake

Patti Yarian, Precinct Committeeman, Warsaw

Sam Brown, Vice Precinct Committeeman, Warsaw

Evan McKinley, Vice Precinct Committeeman, Warsaw

Paul Campbell, Vice Precinct Committeeman, Warsaw

Matt Wolkins, Vice Precinct Committeeman, Winona Lake