Editor, Times-Union:

I am submitting this letter to endorse Rhonda Helser for auditor.

I have known Rhonda for 19 years in both a professional aspect and as a family friend. Rhonda has a proven skill set when working with numbers and details. She has been a volunteer and a key member of the Paradise Pass Club for 16 years and for many of those years has helped organize the Indiana state championship. She is detail-focused on the member applications, awards and logistics. Rhonda was previously a member of the local Friends of the NRA organization committee and proven extremely valuable to the group and during the event.

From the personal family friend aspect, Rhonda and her husband have been some of my most trusted and dear friends. Rhonda is very caring and genuine. Their ties in the community and their service to so many make me proud to be their friend.

For her bid to be the auditor for Kosciusko county, I wholeheartedly feel that her years of experience in the private sector and then as the treasurer for the county have prepared her to step into the auditor position with complete compatance. She holds all the skills, experience and knowledge to effectively operate the duties and to manage the office.

Thank you and have a great balance to the week.

Curt Ebersole

Etna Green