We’ve had a few area boys’ high school teams end their seasons this week, and the prospect of The Basketball League (TBL) launching a franchise in Warsaw would feed the need for live basketball as prep and college basketball draws to their respective closes. Local colleges play through the remainder of March, of course, and it’s worth mentioning the Grace Lancers have given their fans a treat during the current men’s and women’s campaigns.

Congrats to the Lancer men’s squad and their head coach Scott Moore on their Crossroads League title.

I recently covered and PA announced The Basketball League – TBL – while they were in Warsaw and Winona Lake last week. I appreciated what a great vision the league has for all its members on and off the court. Each market owner and their execs are very approachable, and their mission to develop young people on and off the court is sincere. There is still a taste for live basketball in our backyard after March.

TBL action gives fans an opportunity to see cagers play with length and create their own shots. The gym floor shakes when these guys hit the court, too. There are teams in New Castle, IU center Kent Benson’s Indiana All Americans who played at Grace last Thursday; in Lebanon, the Leprechauns are owned by entrepreneur Preston Myers; and in Kokomo, the league’s showcase franchise for attendance and quality of play, coached by former Chicago Bull Cliff Levingston.

Kosciusko County Chamber of Commerce’s Scott Wiley is networking among league execs and local market owner prospects. I’m excited to see what ensues.

Food for thought, literally and figuratively, your concession prices are rising at high school sports venues, but the cost to purchase the goodies has justifiably spiked up, too. Take note, however, admission prices to events remained the same. Hats off to athletic departments who kept ticket prices the same while many commodities, food items, and fuel experienced double-digit price increases.

I’m excited to learn Warsaw, per IHSAA.org executive meeting minutes posted on its website, is not only hosting their Class 4A softball sectional, but they’re hosting the Class 2A softball semistate. This means my PA announcing in the Tiger Softball Complex rolls into the beginning of June.

I like announcing events as a neutral just as much as I like Tiger home events, and I hope to give Tiger athletics plenty of good years among my PA roles. I’ve said before each time I get on the mic it’s an audition, and I believe it’s the reason I picked up the Northern Lakes Conference (NLC) wrestling tournament announcing gig with this approach.

Well, I also take the initiative to express my interest when an opening draws my interest. Translation, sometimes I’m a pest. I’ll save the pest issue for another Saturday.

The meet changes venues each year among each NLC school. The tourney was in the Tiger Den in 2021, and this past January it was in Wawasee’s Hardwood Teepee where I had the privilege of conveying essential information to the meet’s athletes, fans, friends, and families.

For those of you whose winter sports teams already turned in their gear, underclassmen and juniors returning for next year’s campaigns bring an abundance of promise to what will be an exciting winter sports season among all the schools’ athletic programs.

Please promise me you’ll enjoy the hiatus from our typical March weather this weekend when you finish your day’s reading. Own the daylight in whatever way you want to own it.