Editor, Times-Union:

I am Jerry Rice.?I’ve been around print since I was 10 years old. At 14, I offloaded paper out of a very old flat form letterpress. It was built before the 20th century and originally steam powered. That press put shoes, pants, shirts, glasses, bicycles and a marvelous 12-by-16 canvas tent on six boys.

Times were hard yet we learned work ethic and helped on the expense of a family of 10.

Newspapers aren’t free. They kind of don’t grow on trees. Paper that comes with many employed people is expensive.  Ink is so. Editors and printers also cost. How about the obituary section? Who pays for that? Yesterday one and one-quarter pages. Sadly, an old friend was included.

We should support our paper any way we can.?Read the advertising. Tell them where you saw it when you buy.

Papers are failing nationwide. How about local, regional news. Who will tell us? Let’s leave our posterity the Times-Union!

Jerry Rice