One of the great memories I have of childhood was the gift of an AM transistor radio. It was about the size of an index card, as thick as maybe three decks of cards, had a black leather carrying case and it was a device that allowed me to violate bedtime on more occasions than I can count.

Sorry, Momma!

Most of the time I was listening to baseball, with the Royals being my team of choice. Living a mere 65 miles or so west of the stadiums, how could I not root for the home teams?

(A. I am throwing in the Chiefs and Jayhawks, and B. I deliberately left out the last two “roots,” so you the reader didn’t automatically sing in that spot.)

If it weren’t bedtime and I wasn’t out doing neighborhood kids stuff, I was almost always in my room listening to Denny Matthew’s and Fred White describe the exploits of George Brett, Frank White, Amos Otis, Hal McRae and later on, Willie Wilson.

When the team ventured out west, that’s when I could sneak my radio under my pillow and catch the action. When I acquired my first earphone, I felt as if I were violating parole or something.

I definitely did not want to get caught.

Fast forward *ahem* several decades and these days I have a business that asks me to roll out of bed at 3 a.m. It’s my business and I can say ‘no,’ but not many successful entrepreneurs do so.

With 9 p.m. college basketball tip-offs common, I decided to find the Jayhawks online, put in my ear buds and drift in and out of sleep.

Much like I did as a kid, but back then I’d have sworn I was awake for the whole thing unless it was a parent that asked.

Anyway, I found myself listening to a broadcast team likely young enough to be my children, but that took nothing away from the experience. In the three games I’ve caught that way, the Jayhawks won two and should have taken all three.

So if you find yourself in need of some relaxation, look up your favorite team, either over the air or online, then kick back and let the announcers tell you the story, with your imagination filling in the rest.