Editor, Times-Union:

I remember when the reporters Woodward and Bernstein were praised for uncovering the Watergate scandal. President Nixon was paranoid that the Democrats wanted to keep him from being re-elected. He might not have ordered the break-in at the Watergate office of the Democrat Party, but his people did it anyway and he covered up for their actions.  

Nixon most likely deserved impeachment for what he did, which was an attack upon democracy. But it seems that Woodward and Bernstein don't care that crimes worse than the Watergate break-in have happened.  

Our election in 2020 was not as fair as the Democrats want to believe it was. There are abundant reports of illegality and with the Democrats illegally changing voting laws to make the election favoring them. Watergate is more like a simple burglary in comparison. But those that report on what happened are condemned by the same people that would have praised Woodward and Bernstein.

Also, the Hunter Biden story and his dad's involvement in corruption would have brought Joe down and kicked him out of the presidency a generation ago. He most likely would have never been elected if the freedom of the press had been honored instead of forbidden by, ironically, the press.  

Nearly a quarter of a millennium ago, patriots that wanted to throw off the oppressive British government and King George III went to war and they won. They formed the greatest nation in the world and adopted a Constitution that over the years added amendments that were meant to give the citizens more freedom. If the patriots of the 18th century were alive today they would fight to free the citizens from our oppressive government. But they would probably be imprisoned. I bet some of them would have joined the protesters on Jan. 6, 2021, because they would have considered the election suspect of fraud. If Antifa and BLM, the ones that tore down the statues of patriots in 2020, had the chance to take down Jefferson and Washington if they were alive, they would do it and throw away the key of the jail cell.  

When you allow a government to become dictatorial, it refuses to relinquish power. How many mask and vaccine mandates were made laws by legislators? Yet governors and mayors that are acting like fascists by imposing restrictions are willing to destroy lives and careers while acting as if they are above the law. Our founding fathers would support the Canadian truckers and parents that oppose oppressive school boards and those that oppose mandates. But the media that is protected by the First Amendment tries to destroy those they don't like that exercise freedom of speech.  

If Democrats don't prevent Republicans from taking back Congress and the Senate this November, the media will likely say it is an attack on democracy even though Americans will regain lost freedom.  

Rick Badman

Warsaw, via email