I’m feeling self-indulgent this week. If you don’t have Ambien at home, just keep reading. . Props to my editor as I unapologetically take another swing at Class 6A high school football sectional alignments.

The enrollments used to realign the class levels among Indiana high schools were released about three weeks ago, and I’m going to have fun talking about Class 6A football alignment projections, and I’ll change them a bit based on what I learned from downloading the new figures.

The IHSAA will the enrollment updates from the Indiana Deportment of Education to realign school classifications among all its sports by the latest enrollment numbers. The IHSAA skipped a year doing this due to last year’s fuzziness among school enrollments affected mostly by the pandemic

Let’s see where I was right, and what we’ve learned since the latest enrollment releases.

Original Sectional 1 guess – Lake Central, Portage, Lafayette Jefferson, West Lafayette Harrison.

New Sectional 1 guess – Lake Central, Crown Point, Lafayette Jefferson, West Lafayette Harrison

I messed up on my Region geography. Looks like Portage is East of Crown Point. My Lafayette take looks like it will hold up this spring. My take on Merrillville moving to 5A was right.

Original sectional 2 guess – Penn, Elkhart, Crown Point, Chesterton

New Sectional 2 guess – Penn, Elkhart, Portage, Warsaw

I knew Merrillville was headed to 5A, but was surprised to see Chesterton’s enrollment dip, and slip, into 5A. Looks like Class 5A Sectional 9 will be a meat grinder. Excited to see this play out in November.

Original Sectional 3 guess – Noblesville, Carroll, Homestead, Warsaw

New Sectional 3 guess – Noblesville, Carroll, Homestead, Northrop

The shift in the Region moves Warsaw to Region 2, along with Northrop’s numbers moving up in the Summit City.

I’m sticking with my original Sectional 4 guess – Carmel, Fishers, Hamilton Southeast, Westfield

Original Sectional 5 – Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Avon, Zionsville

New Sectional 5 – Pike, Avon, Brownsburg, Zionsville

Another foul-up in my geography surfaced. Pike is closer to the other three Hoosier Crossroads Conference schools in this sectional. If Harrison (Sectional 1) had stayed among the top of the Class 5A group, my hot take would have been either Zionsville or Avon sneaking into Sectional 1 due to the lack of big schools in Class 6A North.

Original Sectional 6 – North Central, Warren Central, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North

New Sectional 6 – Ben Davis, Warren Central, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North

My geography miscue had a ripple effect, moving Ben Davis into Sectional 6, and North Central into Sectional 7.

Original Sectional 7 – Pike, Perry Meridian, Southport, Indianapolis Arsenal Technical

New Sectional 7 – North Central, Perry Meridian, Southport, Indianapolis Arsenal Technical

I’m sticking with my original Sectional 8 guess – Franklin Central, Center Grove, Jeffersonville, Columbus North

This is all fine and dandy unless they do a pro-rata bump up because Cathedral won its second straight Class 5A title.

There are 9 true Class 6A North football teams, and 23 Class 6A South teams. In two years, I would not be surprised to see Whiteland and Decatur Central (outside the Indianapolis area) possibly bump Warsaw and Northrop out of Class 6A.

With the continued disparity of geographic North and South Schools is it time for Class 6A to seed its postseason teams, and find a neutral field at a midpoint in case the distance between two schools is too much of a schlep? Something to consider.

Here are some more looks at North-South numbers.

South schools’ enrollments total 68,612 in Class 6A. There are 24,183 students among the nine North schools. 5A North enrollment, even with a Class 4A school in the north (Dwenger) and two in the South (Cathedral, New Palestine) is comprised of 27,515 students among 16 schools compared to the South’s 18 schools with 30,456 students. Class 4A has slightly more disparity in the South, but nothing like Class 6A: 30 North schools with 31,288 students, and 34 South schools with 36,025 students.

The top three football enrollment classes are greater in enrollment in the South by 52,107 students. More schools, and many more kids.

I’ll stop here, tuck you in, and tiptoe out of the room.