Once again, the small brain inside this large skull of mine has so many thoughts floating around in a circle like a parade inside it that I just can’t lock into one.

So here comes as many as I can fit in today.

The girls’ basketball draw was held Sunday night, and the path to a state championship charted for our local teams.

I think Warsaw got a good draw. Yes, they are on the side of the bracket with the other two strong teams in the sectional—Penn and Northridge.

How is that a good draw?

Try to follow my logic.

Warsaw has the farthest to travel for this sectional—over 90 miles round-trip. Three trips to Penn in a span of five days is a grueling prospect. And while Penn certainly has quality facilities and will be excellent hosts next week, geographically the sectional has no more business being there than it does at Warsaw. It should be at Goshen, and from my point of view it should always be there.

This draw means Warsaw would only have to make trips on Friday and Saturday (if they win Friday).

It also means they will have time to prepare for two opponents now until the outcome of next Tuesday’s game, while Penn and Northridge have to worry about each other first, then have two days to prepare for the Lady Tigers.

The sectional at NorthWood has three of our local teams in it, and they are all on the same side of the bracket.

Valley gets NorthWood, coached by two-time state championship coach Mark Heeter, in the first round. If Valley advances, they would play Wawasee in the semifinals. They played each other Tuesday night, which always adds to the intrigue the following week.

At Culver, Triton drew the host school, whom they toasted 71-34 two weeks ago. Argos will likely be waiting for them in round two, and the Dragons beat the Lady Trojans 36-34 earlier this season. And if they make it to the final, a 13-win LaCrosse team seems to be destined to be their opposition.

Manchester limped into the final week of the regular season with only three wins, but two of them have come since January 12. They open with Carroll of Flora next Wednesday at Cass. Carroll has the second leading scorer in the state.

Whitko had won only four games themselves heading into play Tuesday, and they open with a sub-.500 Adams Central next Wednesday.

The only way the NFL Playoffs could be any more exciting this weekend than they were last weekend is if both games go to overtime to determine who goes to the Super Bowl.

How ironic is it that mega-star quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady will sit the rest of the tournament out, and both feel like they may not return to their current teams next season.

One thing about what we saw Saturday and Sunday: Some offensive coordinator’s stock went way up in their quest to become head coaches, and some defensive coordinators may not get anymore interviews this time around.

And can I spend a moment talking about Grayson Allen?

I have written about this punk before. He’s the former basketball captain at Duke who was regularly caught tripping, kicking and otherwise violating the laws of decency and sportsmanship, all while being defended by his coaches and university.

He’s doing it in the NBA too.

While playing for the Bucks against the Bulls last week, Allen grabbed a driving Alex Caruso as he rose to the rim for a layup. Allen fouled him hard with one hand—which would have been fine on its own—then grabbed his other arm and pulled him to the floor.

Caruso was injured. He shot the free throws, then exited for the training room.

X-Rays showed a broken wrist that will cost the Bulls utility man 6-8 weeks.

For his actions, Allen got a one-game suspension, which will cost him about $27,000 in pay.

His punishment is a night off when the guy he hurt is out for most of what’s left of the regular season?

The Bulls were angry, and they should be. Then the Bucks made it worse by saying they would appeal the penalty and Allen has their full and undying love and support. 

He’s a dirty, unstable human being who continues to be treated like no one has ever heard of him doing anything wrong before.

The Bulls will not forget, and they will play the Bucks again.

Allen would be wise to take that night off, too.