Editor, Times-Union:

After reading Mr. Robert Osbun's editorial in the Times Union on Friday 01-14-22 regarding voting rights, I had to scratch my head and ponder for a moment.

I quote from Mr. Osbun: "Democrats are the only ones in Congress working to pass legislation that will protect voting rights.” Mr. Osbun forgot to mention all the illegal candidate's coming in from the southern boarder that team Biden/Harris have allowed to flood America.

The Democrats have allowed rapist, murders, drug dealers, terrorists and more COVID to slip through their highly vetted process so they can get as many votes as possible! In a few months, thanks to President Biden and VP Harris, Build Back Better program is coming in the color of red in the mid-term elections.

And for the record I have no problem with people coming to America as long as they go through the correct process.

Voting rights yes but voting ... right.

Mike Wood

Warsaw, via email