Pictured (L to R) are members of the cast of the Wagon Wheel Theatre’s production of “The Rocky Horror Show”: Brad Reinking as Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter, Brooke Myers as Janet Weiss and Nick Case as Brad Majors. Photos Provided.
Pictured (L to R) are members of the cast of the Wagon Wheel Theatre’s production of “The Rocky Horror Show”: Brad Reinking as Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter, Brooke Myers as Janet Weiss and Nick Case as Brad Majors. Photos Provided.
Those going to a Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts production of “The Rocky Horror Show” Oct. 26-31 might feel like they’ve jumped into a time warp to two years ago.

Brad Reinking is returning as Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter, Brooke Myers is back as Janet Weiss and Nick Case returns as Brad Majors. The actors played those same roles in the September 2019 Wagon Wheel production of the cult classic musical.

“Which is why we’re having so much! It’s a party to get to do this again. It’s a gift,” Reinking said.

This “Rocky Horror” production is only Case’s second time to do the musical, but Myers’ third time and Reinking’s fifth. Myers has performed in “The Rocky Horror Show” at another theater once, while Reinking has done it at a few other venues.

“But this is my second time getting to play opposite of Nick, which is an absolute joy! And Brad! Because both of these two to work with is so fun,” Myers said.

“And you’re a joy to work with, too,” Case told Myers during an interview Friday.

“She’s the best kind of leading lady,” Reinking said.

The leads aren’t the only ones reuniting for “Rocky Horror.” Among the returnees are Chase Heinemann as Dr. Scott and Eddie and Kira Lace Hawkins – who was Columbia in 2019 – is back this year but as Magenta. There also are three newcomers, Case said.

Reinking said playing the role of Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter only gets better each time he does it.

“Better with age, too. I understand it more. I understand him more every time. And as I get older, it’s like, that life experience it’s just like it paints every time I do it,” he said. “My favorite part of the show is the scene before the floor show, which I never understood that scene before. And now that I’m in my old age, I get it. OK, I get it. I get what he’s going through.”

In the scene, Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter has a breakdown and he realizes he has to get it all together for one last chance.

“I think the beauty with this show is, every single time we do it, it’s going to be different because of the audience interaction aspect of it,” Myers said. “And so this time around, we’ve had a little bit more of an idea of what to expect in regards to audience interaction, so we’ve been throwing in some of the call backs in rehearsals just to remind ourselves that ‘Oh, this is going to make me break character when someone shouts this really loud.’”

She said they’ve grown more upon the nuisances.

“And because this is the second time we’re doing it, and we have the first time out of the way, there’s not a lot of nerves in the room. We’re all very comfortable with each other,” Case said.

Myers said it’s like the cake has already been basked, but now they get to add extra icing and sprinkles on it.

For the six nights of the show, Reinking said the Wagon Wheel is selling participation bags so no outside props or anything are allowed, but everything in the bag is encouraged to be used.

“(Water) guns, newspapers, toilet paper, cards,” Case said.

The actors expect to get wet and verbally harassed again.

“That’s part of what makes ‘Rocky Horror’ ‘Rocky Horror,’” Myers said. “It’s not just a show. It’s a complete and total experience.”

Case said it’s especially an experience in the round.

With the show on stage during Halloween week, it couldn’t be a better time for the musical tribute to science fiction and horror B movies.

“I think it’s so good for Halloween because it’s a great time to dress up. It’s a great time for self-expression. It’s a great time to let loose, and ‘Rocky Horror’ is a big party. It’s kind of about being a misfit and being a weirdo and celebrating all that. So I think – heels and fishnets – what better time than Halloween?” Reinking stated.

All shows are at 7 p.m., including the last show on Halloween night. Myers said being Halloween, that could make the last night special.

“I think the audiences – hopefully – will be even more jazzed about it because the last time we did it, it was in September, so Halloween ‘feels’ weren’t quite in the air. And this time I think it’s going – I hope – that the energy is going to be even more exciting and everything,” Myers said.

“The Rocky Horror” Show has been around since the 1970s. Case said it could keep going on “forever.”

“My favorite line in the show is, ‘Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.’ That’s what ‘Rocky Horror’ is. It’s everything. It’s an experience. It’s a reason to break free. It is a celebration. I think ‘Rocky’ will be around forever. I think the sky’s the limit. The joy of it is getting to pass it on to people who don’t know it or who are new to it and watching them grow to love it. There’s nothing like the ‘Time Warp’ and the floor show and ‘Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me.’ They’re songs that are a part of our cultural history, they’re a part of our pop culture so I don’t think it’s going anywhere,” Reinking said.

Case said “The Rocky Horror Show” is the “king of cult classics.”

Should the Wagon Wheel decide to make “The Rocky Horror Show” an annual Halloween event, Case, Myers and Reinking all agreed they would be happy to return.

“Until they stopped asking!” Reinking said.

“For as long as they would ask me!” Myers stated.

Case said he’d be OK with switching up roles, too, but he’s having fun with playing Brad now.

“I do love it like this,” Reinking said of the current casting roles.

“I do enjoy the Brad and Janet dynamic that Nick and I have established,” Myers said.

She also encouraged people to come see the show even on Halloween.

“Come see it anyway. Take your kids trick-or-treating. Show doesn’t start until 7. Leave them at home with the sitter. They can eat all their candy and you can come out and see the show,” Myers said.

“Let the sitter deal with the kids bouncing off the walls!” Case joked. “Have a drink, enjoy the show, do the ‘Time Warp,’ everybody wins.”

“The bar is open. The party is here. Come on down!” Reinking stated.

Parental guidance is suggested for the show. For more about “The Rocky Horror Show,” times or to purchase tickets, visit the website at https://www.wagonwheelcenter.org/events/rocky-horror/ or call the box office at 574-267-8041.