Warsaw School Board held a 2022 budget review Tuesday.

The total proposed budget is $87,229,352. The education fund makes up $48,307,000 of that. The operations fund is $23,250,000. The debt service fund is $11,088,352. The referendum fund is $2,884,000. The rainy day fund is $1,700,000.

Chief Financial Officer April Fitterling said the assessed value rate is estimated at 92 cents. The average has been between 90 to 94 cents.

Superintendent Dr. David Hoffert asked if Fitterling saw any changes to the tax rate. Fitterling said she sees the rate staying steady.

Fitterling said schools’ budgets are very complex and there’s a lot that goes into it.

There are things that factor into the budget, including the complex budget formula, Department of Education changes and assessed value changes.

There are historical data that helps to build the budget, but the school corporation also has to factor other things like the COVID-19 pandemic, she said.  

When the school corporation is projecting its budget, it’s the middle of the year and it is forecasting out 18 months, she said. The school corporation is looking at two different parts of two different school years due to the fact the school year isn’t 12 months long.

Fitterling said there will be a budget hearing Monday and the budget will be adopted during the Oct. 25 meeting.

In other business, a bus stop review was given.

“Each year, we’re required by law to review our bus stops across the district,” said Dr. David Robertson, assistant superintendent for elementary education.

Transportation Director Mark Fick said on state roads, county roads, any roads that have a speed limit of 45 miles per hour or higher, the school corporation cannot pick up students on the street side. Drivers give the Transportation Department a list of stops and Fick said he goes through the stops and verifies them or changes them into a safe way.

Fick said stops, including those on Armstrong Road and County Farm Road, were approved by the state.

Fick is still waiting on a response from the state on Ind. 13. The state has to send out a team to check such things as traffic.

Robertson said a list of crossing guards recently was approved by the Warsaw Traffic Safety Commission. They have already received their annual training and the Board will be asked to approve the list Monday.