BOURBON – You can hear blaring music from almost a mile away. You can smell the popcorn popping and the hot dogs grilling from the moment you enter the front gate. Once you get to your seat, all you can see is a sea of blue.

It can only mean one thing: Triton football is back. The game itself wasn’t as pretty as the sights and sounds, but after the result, Trojan fans likely could care less.

It was a tale of two halves as Triton rallied in the second half of its opening game of the season against South Central, winning 18-16. The Trojans kept shooting themselves in the foot in the first half, whether it was penalties, poor snaps, or the inability of sophomore quarter back Cole Shively to get rid of the ball under pressure.

But Triton showed fight. Many a time the game looked to approach blowout territory in the first half, but big plays were made. Sophomore running back Anthony Schuh had a 55-yard run on 2nd down and 34. Wide receiver Tyler Amsden exploded for a 61-yard carry on 3rd and 15. Triton managed but one touchdown in the first half, but key plays kept the ball in their hands and South Central from rolling.

After allowing 16 points in the first half, the Trojan defense showed up big time in the second half, holding the Satellites scoreless. South Central didn’t run a play in Triton territory until late in the 4th quarter. Schuh got his second rushing touchdown of the game early in the third quarter to cut the lead to three. The rally was on.

The momentum fully turned early in the fourth quarter. A blocked South Central punt resulted in a safety

One-point game.

After a six-minute drive that followed, Shively booted a 24-yard field goal to give the Trojans their first lead of the game, 18-16.

 But one more stop had to be made. It didn’t come easy. The Satellites melted the clock and were able to get it to the Triton 34-yard line with just under a minute and a half left. On 4th and 3, senior Dominic Smith made the biggest play of the contest, getting an interception to put the game on ice.

The game wasn’t pretty, but wins are wins. After a hard fought battle, there’s only one number that matters to Triton: the number one in the win column.

Triton will stay at home next Friday, taking on Caston.