Pictured is Terry White (L) after he was presented the Circle of the Corydon Award Saturday by Winona Lake Town Manager Craig Allebach (R) at Winona Lake’s Family Festival. Photo by Jackie Gorski, Times-Union.
Pictured is Terry White (L) after he was presented the Circle of the Corydon Award Saturday by Winona Lake Town Manager Craig Allebach (R) at Winona Lake’s Family Festival. Photo by Jackie Gorski, Times-Union.
WINONA LAKE – Terry White was honored Saturday at Winona Lake’s Family Festival with the Circle of the Corydon Award.

“The Circle of Corydon Award honors Hoosiers who have made remarkable contributions to the betterment of Indiana and its people, demonstrating through life and service qualities exemplified by the state’s greatest citizens,” said Winona Lake Town Manager Craig Allebach. He said, on behalf of State Rep. Craig Snow and Gov. Eric Holcomb, he was proud to present the award to White.

Allebach said White would be familiar to most of the people who attended the festival Saturday, “but his influences go well outside our town, into the county, the state and even nationally.”

Allebach said White would travel to Winona Lake with his family for conferences and grow to love the town and attended Grace College, where he met his wife. “From there, they went on to other career paths that took them out of the community, but in 2002, they returned to Winona Lake,” Allebach said.

White said he is originally from Pennsylvania, lived in Winona Lake for 17 years and moved away for 27 years to Minnesota and Washington, D.C. He came back to be the executive director of Brethren Missionary Herald Company, where he was for approximately 10 years, he said.

White and his wife returned to Winona Lake Grace Brethren Church, where they have been members and became involved in several areas of service, including music and board leadership, Allebach said.

One topic of accomplishment Allebach brought up was White’s book “Winona at 100.”

“As 2013 and rumors of it being the 100th anniversary of the founding of the town emerged, he began searching for information as to who was chronicling the history of the town. His inquisitive mind could not let it rest, and, while there were lots of bits and pieces of the history in the Reneker Museum, Al Disbro’s photographic account and a few others, he longed for a comprehensive history to be compiled. His innate writing skills and love of research kicked in and his 300-page work titled ‘Winona at 100’ was ready in time for the centennial celebration.

“That book has given him a platform for promoting the town on TV and radio stations and at service clubs around the area and throughout the state. It also has morphed into making him logically a knowledgeable individual for the Winona History Museum where he volunteers four days a week promoting the wonders of his beloved little town,” Allebach said.

White said he started compiling material for the book in 2011.

Researching material for his book led White to make friends with area locals and become involved in Winona-related clubs and organizations, such as the Wagon Wheel Board, Symphony of the Lakes, the town board, the local ministerial association and the Winona Lakes Arts Commission, Allebach said. As a member of the town publicity committee, White has published the town Facebook page for over 10 years.

White then went back to teaching at Grace College, where he gets his journalism students involved in the life of the town, through attending and reporting on town board meetings and writing feature stories for local publications, Allebach said.

“He was an integral part of the Winona Lake Comprehensive Steering Committee in 2019 and helped to develop Imagine 2030 and was a real advocate for the fine arts, arts, music history and culture,” Allebach said.

“Rep. Craig Snow, who is sorry he could not be with us this evening, wanted me to congratulate (White) for this well-deserved and award and stated in his note: ‘Thank you for being such a great mentor, fellow servant, friend and brother in Christ,’” Allebach said.

White said he just wanted to say thank you very much and there are many people “who deserve this kind of honor, but we love Winona Lake and we love you folks and this is a great place to live.”

White said he was humbled by the award because there’s a lot of people that deserve awards for what they did. He appreciates the recognition and thinks its a symbol of what a great community Winona Lake is.